you are…

You are

a successful woman who wants to move the stumbling blocks out of your way. You are ready to dedicate yourself whole-heartedly to becoming your greatest version. You know that quick fixes aren’t the route to true freedom. You believe in your power because you’ve experienced its warmth. 

You want

the flexibility, joy, and contentment that come along with an authentic life. You want to feel the sense of self-worth that comes from changing the world, and you want the energy to make it happen. You recognize fear for what it is—a life-sucking emotion. You no longer want to be drained by that energy. 

You want to

break through the norm and are open to new and explorative ways to support your recovery. You know that there isn’t only one path to moving through addiction and you want to work with someone who shares your vision. 

You realize

that long-term success is dependent on living a healthy, balanced, and exciting life. One where every single day holds a reward for your hard work. You recognize that there is another level of potentiality beneath the surface just waiting for you to unlock. 

You envision

the freedom of vulnerability but aren’t quite sure how to put down the mask and pick up your own battle flag. You know that to live from that space of freedom and vulnerability you have to let go of what’s holding you back and finding recovery for good. 

But if where you are today doesn’t make you feel alive, it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to stand up for the life you want. It’s time to take your vision and turn it into YOUR reality. You don’t have to be confused, uncertain, or bored by recovery. 

Show yourself just how amazing you can be with help from someone who has stood in your shoes and found the way out. Let me be your guide to life without alcohol or drugs. 

Find your authentic voice and let her scream from the rooftop,

“I am here. I am incredible. I will make a difference.” 


benefits & outcomes


here’s what they’re saying…

“There was a particular day where I was struggling with an ongoing problem and I said to myself: Today I am going to commit to transformation. Then I booked sessions with Shari. As a woman of color I didn’t want to feel as if I needed to restructure my most inner issues. I wanted my vulnerabilities to be acknowledge and respected.  I wanted a coach who truly spoke my language and could also empathize with my experiences culturally. Shari always honors that for me authentically.
Shari’s coaching style provides me with a level of “realness” with actionable guidance for accountability and self-acceptance of the work I need to live on a higher frequency.  In retrospect I see the ways in which my life continues to shift positively and I feel so empowered as a result.
Change is never comfortable, but by partnering with Shari as my coach, I feel now like I am more in control of my life than I cared to recognize. I am more excited and energized every day.”  Len Jefferson – Springer